Varicose Veins Treatment Scotland

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our team consists of locally based consultants and clinical staff all of whom are highly qualified and respected in the field. The Elanic Clinic team service offers few important differentiators that are not available via other clinics:

One-Stop Clinics

At our clinics, we have access to a full range of clinical services which allow us to investigate any problems you may have and in most cases offer treatment sometimes on the day. This may be perhaps a scan of or a minimally invasive procedure. We have all the required facilities to hand.

On-Call Services 24 Hours per Day

The vast majority of treatments and procedures pass off without a hitch, however, as with all medical procedures, there is always a very small chance that there may be issues you need advice or support with. With our service, you have access to a clinician at any time of the day — day or night — we are just a phone call away.

Technology Driven solutions

Your health and wellbeing are the main focus of our team and our goal is to get your problems resolved and have you back to your normal daily activities as soon as possible. Our specialists have the latest range of minimally invasive procedures which allow us to offer repeatable and reliable services and outcomes.


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