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Thread Veins from £120

Thread Veins

Thread veins, are sometimes also called spider veins. These are very thin but prominent veins just below the skin surface. They tend to branch off one another and create the appearance of part of a spiders web hence their common name. Spider veins can occur anywhere on the body, however, they most frequently appear on the legs and face, which is unfortunate as these are two of the most exposed areas of the body.

Leg Thread Veins

Although typically viewed as a cosmetic problem thread veins on the legs in some cases can result in symptoms such a mild, continuous pain, burning sensation and itching. The best treatment for thread veins is microsclerotherapy, which is a relatively simple procedure that involves injecting a fluid into the veins which destroys them and causes them to disappear over time.

It is suitable for use on thread veins on the legs or body, provided they are beneath the heart.

It is important with significant thread veins, to assess patients with an Ultrasound Scan to rule out the presence of valve failure in larger deeper veins. If valve failure is present and left untreated the thread veins will either recur very quickly or not respond to treatment in the first instance.

The fluids used to inject are prescription only medicines and can only be prescribed by a doctor and administered under their supervision.

The Solution:

With a skilled consultant and good technique, it is possible to achieve effective results with most patients but in general thread veins may take longer to get rid of than large varicose veins do. You are likely to need multiple treatment sessions. But that will be discussed with you at your consultation.

With microsclerotherapy it’s possible to see instant results, however, it’s more than likely that these will fill up again with blood in the short term and it may take days or weeks for them to disappear permanently. During this time you will probably find that they look worse for a while. You may get a tiny “blood blister” look to the treated veins or some brown marks. These will settle eventually. You may also get a mild allergic reaction like a nettle sting.

Facial Thread Veins

Thread veins on the face are a different matter to those on the legs. They do not require scanning and are best treated by one of the skilled aesthetic nurses on the team using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or laser devices

Please note that Facial Thread Veins cannot be treated with Microsclerotherapy.


The cost for Thread Vein removal at our clinic starts from £150.  Please ask our staff for details.


If you would like to arrange a consultation regarding the removal or treatment of Thread Veins you can contact us on 0141 328 2818 or by simply completing our Enquiry Form here.

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